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Current News:
• Spring Semester 2021 group voice classes are now forming for multiple age groups.

• 2021 January Term Online Group Class registration is now closed.

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General Class Descriptions
Click on the links below to learn more about the classes offered for each topic. These are classes we've offered in the past and we are always developing new and exciting offerings to help you get to your goals, faster with more fun!
About our ability level classifications:
B=beginner skills: You’ve just started learning about music and/or performing. For music, you are still working on reading notes, rhythms, and other basics.
I= intermediate skills: You’ve been working on this for awhile. You've had experience performing/presenting and for music, you know how to read notation and the effective steps for learning a piece.
A= advanced: You’ve been working on your craft for many years and are looking for ways to continue to grow as a performer and/or musician.

All-Ages classes are created to be fun for students 5-7 years old participating with a responsible adult.
Adult classes are created to be a space where adults can feel free to bring adult life issues into discussions.

Beginner and intro classes generally meet for 27 minutes. Intermediate and Advanced classes generally meet for 55 minutes.
Student tuition (total for the series of one class topic meeting four class days):
$35 for a class that meets for 27 minutes, 4 times
$70 for a class that meets for 55 minutes, 4 times

Online Open Mic: Songflight Studio is proud to host a free open mic online one Saturday each month. Hosted by Amber Nicole Dilger, this is a gathering of musicians of all ability levels who would like a supportive and positive environment to practice sharing their music with others. We are focused on creating a setting where those with performance anxiety can ease into performing in whatever ways feel comfortable to them. Click on the "I'm Interested" button above to request the list of dates for the current semester.

p.s. Click Here if you're looking for private lesson information or information about workshops and presentations.
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