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"I really LOVED learning about the musicians' daily lives, because they really gave me a view as to what I should expect if I am going/would like to have the same career as them. I also LOVED learned about their health tips, as it is something I have been pondering over for quite a while. So... now that I know what to do/consider, I can follow through with those health tips and, hopefully, change the way I am living now so that I be healthy for the rest of my life! And, lastly, I LOVED learning about their college/high school experiences, as it gave me a perspective of what things/activities I should be doing now in order for me to take the appropriate steps needed to reach my goals. I want to remember that, when it comes to auditions, I should go in feeling confident. I should also go in feel myself. I shouldn't let the pressure/want of being a SPECIFIC character get to me... as it could hinder my performance. Additionally, if I don't get cast, I should just walk out saying, "Hey! You know, what? That was a good audition. I'm HAPPY."
-Elena Paul, Guest Artist Series student
Group Voice Class: Building a Strong Voice. B. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Join us as we explore the basics of singing while incorporating multiple learning modes and styles. We'll focus together on learning a solo song (chosen by the previous participants), which you can choose to perform for the group at the end of our class. Group voice is a great option for those who like to have peer interaction and encouragement, as well as those who are looking for a way to explore singing without the commitment of private lessons. There are also a number of private students who like to join just because it's so much fun! We tend to focus on learning popular songs.

Guitar + Voice B, I, A. Riley Anderson & Amber Nicole Dilger, instructors. Recommended for ages 16+.
Are you curious about how to effectively combine your best guitar playing with your best singing? Join us as we combine the world of guitar lessons with Riley and voice lessons with Amber Nicole! We'll work together as a group learning a song to sing and play, and also have the chance to explore you playing and singing your favorite song in a mini-masterclass setting.

What Do Pop Singers *Really* Sound Like? B, I, A. Paul Ester, instructor. Recommended for all ages (9+).
If you are interested in hearing what some of your favorite singers sound like without all of the smoke and mirrors of a recording engineer, this class is for you! Join us as we listen to raw tracks from singers like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, and Taylor Swift, and take a look at what actually goes into getting your favorite song from the first take through playing through your speakers at home.

Masterclass: It's the Little Things. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Wanting to learn more about adding realistic acting to your songs? Join us as we explore how the "little things" are not so little when it comes to being believable performers. In this supportive group environment you will learn to bring out the most effective interpretations of your songs, and through discussing strategies and working with select performers we will explore in real-time what works and doesn't. Performing participants will be selected ahead of time, and everyone is welcome to participate in observing and discussing.

Acting Your Song. I, A. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
This class is specifically designed to help you prepare for auditions/festivals/competitions, including WSMA Solo & Ensemble. You’ll raise your performance from “that was nice” to “WOW!” by learning how to fully tell the story. Learn a useful progression for practicing to add in all of the necessary layers to stand out from the crowd.

Golden Oldies! B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Are you an "older" singer? Are you missing making music and would like to brush up your skills? Join us as we learn ways to navigate our changing instruments and strengthen what we've got. We'll focus on a different popular standard from the Great American Songbook each week and have time to chat with each other afterward online.

Make a Joyful Noise! B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Covid making you miss your church choir community? Wanting to brush up your skills as a singer so that when we all get back together again you can feel extra-confident in your singing in praise? Join us as we learn ways to open our instruments to be conduits for the message in our hearts! We'll focus on a different hymn each week and have time to chat with each other afterward online.

Guest Artist Series: Musicians in the Biz. I, A. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
We will be able to pick the brains of artists with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a working musician. Paul Helm is a working actor and music director throughout the country. Michael Drolet recently retired from almost 11 years in the Wicked family as part of the original Los Angeles Cast, the Broadway Company, and the National Tour. Emily Pogorelc is an up-and-coming operatic soprano who is making waves in the classical community.

Sight Singing FUNdamentals. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Learn tips and tricks to help you get better at sight reading music. This will make learning new songs even easier, and help with both your solo and group musical adventures.

Intro to Vocal Health. I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
We’ll look at the latest science and learn what we can do to keep our voices healthy, as well as what to do to help our voices when we get sick.

Intro to Vocal Anatomy. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Join us as we dive inside our vocal instrument and learn how many parts of our body work together to allow us to make beautiful sounds.

When I first came to you, I was unable to even participate in singing happy birthday to my family members and I wanted to free my voice and maybe my self in the process. You helped me a lot! In the years since and especially recently, I've been able to see exactly how much you helped me. Actually, coming to you for voice lessons jump-started a deeply transformative healing process and over the last 7 years I've freed myself in many ways.
~Grace F.

After I started taking lessons from you, I started to view music, lyrics, instrumentation and vocal presentation in ways I never did previously. I enjoy all music more because of that, and that has caused me to broaden my musical palette.

There's no question in my mind that, in my life thus far, you have had the single largest influence on me as a musician! I've had two or three teachers over the years, and other musicians have inspired me to want to play, but I never understood the artistry of telling the story until I started taking lessons from you. That's so huge to me! It was like a missing piece of a puzzle finally found.

~Steve Graham
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