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Classes: Practice Tools for Everyone
"It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed all the games we played. " -student taking Intro to Improv Thinking
Practice Prep: on-your-own online class. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
This is the single most important class you can take to help you get better at any instrument, which is why we've worked hard to make this course a self-directed experience. It will take four weeks to fully incorporate the lessons, so we recommend committing to a specific day of the week for starting, but you do have some wiggle room! With this course you learn to clarify what you are working toward musically, and then plan out how to get there. All lives have challenges, but your improved practice plan will help you create a strong practice habit so that even when the craziness of life swirls around you know you will continue to improve in your music skills.

Jenna had this to say after finishing the course: "I think this Practice Prep course was very easy to understand and didn't feel like a big weight on my shoulders. After finishing this class, I am able to focus on one thing for a much longer period of time without getting sidetracked or distracted with something else. Now, I carve out a specific amount of time during my day to practice."

Stage Fright: Tools to Overcome Performance Anxiety. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
We’ll learn research-proven ways to help us feel more in control and less anxious while performing. Join us in creating a collection of tools to help you work with and overcome stage fright!

Optimize Noticing Skills-Mindfulness for Musicians. B, I, A. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
The ability to notice things, both in your environment and within yourself, is key to helping you be better at your instrument and better as a performer. We will learn basic mindfulness exercises that we can add into our practice routine, and find the fun in growing our noticing skills.

Practice SMARTER, not harder. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
There has been a lot of research done into how we learn. Let’s use science to help us get better results in less practice time! Learn how to practice SMARTER, not harder.

Creating Your Practice Space. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Let’s tweak your practice space so you feel comfortable to make whatever kinds of sounds you want. Messy sounds, loud sounds, beautiful sounds… they should all feel comfortable to come out and play!

Intro to Improv Thinking. B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Learn some useful tips and tricks from the world of acting improvisation to help in performance situations when things don’t go as expected. We’ll play group games together and practice our ability to stay in the moment and create in the moment.

Listening Exploration: Organization. B, I, A. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Listening Exploration is a crucial aspect to becoming a better performer. How do you organize all of your hard work, though? We'll look at ways to make sure that the songs and artists you want to keep for future reference get organized in a way that helps you actually use them to grow.

Listening Exploration- What am I hearing? B, I. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
When we start down the path of Listening Exploration, sometimes can be challenging to know what we're listening for and/or to. Join us as we listen to some of our favorite singers and learn to talk about what is helpful for us to notice. Strengthening these skills will help us learn to be better performer ourselves!

Online Open Mic- hosted by Amber Nicole. B, I, A. Amber Nicole Dilger, instructor.
Whatever your ability level, if you’d like to work on your performing and presentation skills, this class is for you! We’ll sign up ahead of time so you know what class day you’ll be sharing your music with us. We’ll also cover ways to be supportive audience members and learn to give constructive comments.


This noticing exercise is the single most important thing to practice every day. By spending even one minute a day to train your brain to notice what you are focusing on and redirect your attention when it goes "off task," you can learn a skill that will help you improve faster, have more confidence in performing, and be a more effective and compassionate communicator.

~Amber Nicole
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