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Overcoming Performance Anxiety
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Team Development: Authentic communication. We all want to work with people who are genuine. Real human beings. Working together, we can create an ensemble environment that engenders trust and respect.

Presentations and Workshops: When we look at our presentation skills, often we find that nerves are the biggest thing getting in our way. Performance anxiety can affect anyone at any age stage of life. In our interactive presentations, we take a look at the underlying factors and learn skills that make a powerful difference in the way we approach our next client engagement, whether it be with one person or 1,000. Through presentations and workshops we can explore mindfulness exercises and an understanding of how the body works as an instrument of communication as we discover the best ways to let our individual message shine.

Customizable programs: Equally successful in HR departments, professional development training, fine arts departments, schools, as well as club and community meetings, these programs are developed with you to support your group's goals and objectives.

I have always been a perfectionist. So much so, that I rarely try something unless I know I'll excel. This intense fear of imperfection has hindered me from taking risks, trying new things, and ultimately sheltered me from many opportunities. After December 9th, however, not anymore.

Jahlieh Gardipee, after singing the National Anthem for 13,700 people at the NBA Milwaukee Bucks game


Thank you, and I hope you understand how much of my accomplishments are due to you. I'm a firm believer in the old saying "when you are ready, the correct teacher will appear," and am so grateful that occasionally I am aware enough to realize when that happens. Your greatest gift was helping me develop enough confidence to try.

~Barb S.

Whether she is singing for my Musicales concert series, presenting a voice workshop for my choirs, or teaching an eager student, Amber Nicole Dilger has always impressed me with her skill and dedication. But what sets her apart from the many fine musicians with whom I work is her indefatigable joy.

~Dan Broner, Music Director of First Unitarian Society of Madison, Wisconsin

I worked with Amber Nicole on public speaking and presenting skills. She did a great job of providing useful exercises and direct feedback. I enjoyed my sessions with Amber Nicole because of the personal attention and her enthusiasm.

~Hillary Emer, Senior Director of Business Services, Interlad Medical Services

I had the pleasant experience of working with Amber for a short while in 2019 as a vocal coach. I had no training at all, and was coming in completely blind. I found her confidence, easy going personality and cheerful disposition very calming in the face of the anxiety I felt. She always made the lessons fun and comfortable for me.

I was impressed with her ability to teach singing, but even more so her ability to work with students and bring out their best through patient encouragement and making lessons fun. I highly recommend Amber for anyone looking for an effective coach / teacher and will be working with her again in the future.

~Jack Ishida, Optimization Project Manager at Lenovo
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