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Helping performers soar by nurturing
Confidence. Passion. Connection.
Helping performers soar by nurturing
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Connecting eager students with high-quality, inspirational instructors, right where you are.
Discover your voice. The light that burns within you wants to shine into the world, but too often we allow our fears and performance anxiety to dim that light. Musicians, performers, presenters... By focusing on excellence, not perfection, Songflight Studio will help you develop your confidence so you can bring your true passion into the world and foster connection by sharing your message. Your Voice.

Welcome! I'm so happy that you've found your way to our corner of the internet. At Songflight Studio, we strive to ensure that you feel supported and heard on your journey toward your goals, and we are truly grateful that you are trusting us to be your guides throughout your personal growth. If you have any questions at all, please click the "I'm Interested" button or send an email. We are genuinely happy to help.
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Amber Nicole Dilger,
owner and founding teacher
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